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Multichannel marketing strategy

In the digital era sales via mostly generated semi-automatically via different online tools and media allowing our clients to boost their business and us to attract the most valuable leads and activating potential clients.

As mentioned in our blog post (LINK) we have a variety of social platforms to find people our partners are trying to reach. All of them allow us to target ads based on their interests, behaviour and what’s most important – their level of interaction. Every little touchpoint gives us the advantage of creating such a message, which points customer’s attention to the right attributes of the product of service. Such a process is called a sales funnel and it’s basic and one of the most efficient ways to reach our goals within sales.

Sales funnel method

  1. New users – they are everywhere, especially active on social media like Facebook. This step contains targeting the right audience and showing them mild touchpoint, which has to befriend them with the brand. Then they will be far more likely to get with the interaction. You may call it – Awareness stage
  2. Remarketing – it’s the simple idea of showing the more aggressive type of sales-generating content only to people, who already been to our page or store. Mostly there are ads with products and graphic that are meant to catch the customer’s eye and direct him back to the webpage. You may call it – Interest stage
  3. Retargeting – This step differs from the previous by showing the exact product or the product category that the user was interested in earlier, for example – if the user watched an actively certain type of one brand’s shoes it indicates he may have the desire or need of buying them. That’s why retargeting ads are so effective. This is a – Desire stage
  4. Add to cart – In the worst scenario, a user will add the desired product to cart just now. In most cases it happens earlier, it depends on the product and the page. When the product is in the cart there are two options – it will stay there or get to check in. If it stays – we will put the customer back to the retargeting group, if not – he will join the happy customers club. This is the Action stage
  5. Purchase – Finally! The customer bought the wished product, but the process doesn’t stop just yet, because by this point in time we have a lot of information about the client’s preferences and we can offer him some coupons, discounts or freebies to convince him to stay with us within his next shopping spree. That’s why he gets back to the remarketing group.

This is how it basically works. Selling in e-commerce is not as a one-dimensional process as it would seem, but it also feeds us much data we can transform into great business opportunities, not only in sales. Connecting whole sales funnel with media like email marketing, Google Ads or other paid traffic sources makes it a semi-automated machine turning people who never heard about our brand to loyal customers. But as usual – everything needs time and proper content.