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Getresponse vs Mailchimp vs Freshmail review

From basic e-mail sending tools to the powerful marketing automation platforms – email marketing services have gone a long way towards providing complex lead generation solutions to the business. Because of that, choosing right platform for you may be quite a task. 

When choosing the right email marketing tool for your business you need to answer yourself a question:

What’s the purpose of email marketing in my company? 

Before you throw yourself into search of specific features in mailing platform documentation you should answer yourself a  question – which of them I’m really going to use? And for what purpose? I recommend planing your mailing and marketing automation strategy before choosing the tool. This way, you’ll be sure that platform of your choice will not restrict you in any way.


One of the most well-known platform out there, Mailchimp has established its place by providing solid tool, with user-friendly interface. Sending mailings with Mailchimp, shouldn’t be a problem for even inexperienced users because of it’s  step-by-step creators.

In my opinion, one of the things that Mailchimp does great is providing user with multiple integration options. You can use many of the native solutions, as well as third-party integration software. Therefore, implementing Mailchimp into your e-commerce should be quite smooth. 

It also come with a bunch (as for today – about eighty) pre-made templates which may come in handy when you need to rush your newsletter. 

It’s a great choice if:
+ You search for something accessible
+ You like to integrate things up 


There are plenty of reasons, why you should put your interest into the Get Response. First of all – complexity of this tool. It’s really feature packed, and provides you with things you wouldn’t expect from your standard e-mail marketing platform. For example you can use it  create Webinars for your business, which may be great way to stay in touch with your clients. 

GetReponse also comes with advanced CRM, which will make contact with your customers much easier. 

This swiss tool of email marketing is not the easiest one to handle, but its one of the most advanced platforms out there.

Its a great choice if:
+ You love to automate your marketing 
+ You would like to organize webinars
+  You value CRM solutions
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You may not heard about this one before, but it is quite interesting, because Freshmail provides solid set of features at affordable price. It’s probably most plain and simple tool for email marketing on the market, which makes it good choice for people who need basic functionality at their fingertips. 

It also features one of the best mail-creators on the market and plenty of pre-made templates.

It’s a great choices if:
+ You don’t want to spend much time on setting up the campaigns
+ You like things plain and simple 
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