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Lead building tools

All non-client users that we are we have established contact are leads. Acquiring them is one of the most important tasks in e-commerce, especially  if we are talking about a B2B segment. Through our projects involving lead gathering we have used many techniques:

  1. Newsletter – the simple and obvious. Still, sending a valuable, fresh and light-headed newsletter is a challenge for most.
  2. Contact form linked to a product – If online selling is not an option e.g. car dealers, we would try to place an inquiry form on the product page.
  3. Ebook download – Online users love infographics, guidelines etc.  Why not require an email address to get it?
  4. Webinar – It’s like gold for building trust and PR. To register a user must provide his email address.
  5. Test drive registration – Book a visit, test drive, free introductory appointment, always try to collect both phone number and e-mail.
  6. Special discount – Exclusive sales pitching events can generate many leads in a short period of time.
  7. Chat – It is a good practice to require an e-mail identification before starting a chat.
  8. Mailbox email harvesting – If our mailing list is short try to harvest emails from your browser. If you have already exchanged email it is GDPR complaint to ad to a mailing list.

Always remember to be GDPR complaint to add. The user must specifically agree to receive emails and has a right for his identity to be forgotten at all times.