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Booking Systems

E-commerce workflow can be a challenge, especially in theB2B segment. Many marketing contact points, the process of negotiating, and finally order execution, all traditionally done via e-mail. There is nothing wrong with that, except for labor cost due to high time consumption.

We have experience in building B2B systems for e-commerce workflow automation. We would direct all sales related communication towards a selling platform, and encourage clients to place booking online. There are clear benefits from online booking systems:

1. Tracking of booking status and placement,
2. Document management concerning the booking,
3. Direct communication within the platform. No more 300+ emails per day,
4. List of todo for the client + reminders,
5. Control and fast information access for both.

Booking systems allows making sales processes easier, faster and more transparent. Automate processes like reminders, status changes, post booking notifications etc. Allow for cost and revenue control. Enable data exchange with 3rd party systems such as vendors catalogs, payment gateways, vessel tracking, accounting systems and more. Gain a competitive advantage over competition.