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How we work

Inside laskowski.pro we work on projects usually in 3-4 person teams in order to execute projects. We always aim at solving a specific business requirement.

Project Sheet
For a smooth execution, every project is launched based on project sheet documentation, that includes the general aim of the project, scope, requirements and timetable.

We track time execution throughout the project. Some clients prefer a fixed pricing strategy, others benefit from a time & material approach. See pros and cons of both. All projects undergo time tracking. 

Client collaboration
We like to keep a healthy communication with the client. We use trello dashboards to keep our conversation attached to tasks and project parts.

Almost every project brings new technology to the table. We use the well-known industry standards and our unique know-how.
1. Laravel – a PHP framework
2. GIT – version control system
3. Strict code quality guidelines
4. Static code analysis
5. Automatic Deployments
6. Woocommerce & shopper – online store platforms