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High performance online stores

You can’t have them all, many platforms offer similar functionality and are a headache to choose between. We as developers are unable to support all of them, and had to make a choice too. Here is why we choose WooCommerce:

Minimalism. WooCommerce does not aim to provide all the possible features rather it offers a lightweight core for an e-commerce system. This means stable codebase with very few bugs.

Extensibility. While the system itself offers only the basics it is built in a way that allows developers to easily extend or even replace any compontent of the system. We handle our clients’ individual needs by creating custom extensions.

Performance. Small WooCommerce footprint combined with a proper configuration and high-qualitycustomizations allows us to run big stores without the need for powerful and expensive servers. 100k+ products and thousands of orders per month? Not a problem. Fast page generation greatly improves user experience and benefits SEO rankings.

Open Source. We believe in open software that is created and maintained by the community. Taking advantage of the collective knowledge of thousands of developers and security experts ensures top code quality.

Popularity. A large portion of e-commerce is using WooCommerce and even more users are familiar with WordPress. Actually, now it is the most popular platform in the world:

Ranking Platform Domains Market share
1 WooCommerce 1,012,055 29.00%
2 Squarespace Online Stores 680,965 19.51%
3 Shopify 353,849 10.14%
4 WixStores 204,971 5.87%
5 Magento 164,077 4.7%

Source datanyze.com

3rd party integrations. WooCommerce popularity gives it a priority whenever any 3rd party service considers which platforms to support. All the major logistics carriers, payment providers, etc. like DHL or Paypal have developed an official extension for WooCommerce.