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Should you use video marketing – even if you think you don’t

Let’s face it – video is currently on its way to become the most consumed form of media on the whole internet. In the upcoming year, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic. There are many people out there, who think video marketing is “not a good match” for their business. Most likely – they are wrong. Why?

Show – don’t tell

If you thought that this rule only applies to the art world – you were wrong. It doesn’t matter if you sell watches or trying to convince people to use your SaaS – showing product features will be always better than a boring static picture. It also gives you a chance to introduce the user to your interface and give him a glimpse of what is your product capable of. Video also provides you with an opportunity to explain complex concepts in an accessible form. That’s why it’s the best tool to advertise more abstract products, like services.

It might be THE way to skyrocket your ROI

According to research, a vast majority of B2B customers watch video ads, and just adding a video to the product page can boost sales up even by 35%. That’s why so many product pages are filled with videos these days. Of course, its quality – not the quantity that matters the most, so make sure that your ads are on point. And how exactly do that? I’m going to explain it in another blog post, but creating content that is easy to watch across multiple devices would be good for starters.

Everyone can do it – even with a limited budget

Days when creating video was expensive and time-consuming are long gone. Nowadays everyone can create such content, even with limited resources. There is plenty of cheap, easy to use video editing software out there, just waiting for your new creative ideas to describe your product. You can even use AI driven technologies, to generate entire videos, Animations, interactive content, ready to use, licensed music – all at your fingertips.

Facebook and Google loves video

You already know that videos can work wonders for your ROI. One of the factors that contribute to that quite spectacular boost is SEO improvement.  Yes, I know, that might sound a little confusing, but you can increase likeness of your site appearance on the first page of Google results by 53x just by embedding video to your website! And what about Facebook? According to the wyzowl.com 76% of users claim that they would share a branded video with their friends if it would entertain them. Sounds like a  great way to raise your brand awareness.

Staying one step ahead of your competition

There is a chance that you weren’t really convinced to use video marketing – at least before you read this article. Guess what – many of your competitors still aren’t sure if its a good match for their business. There are still many people out there, not seeing the opportunity in a creative implementation of video in their business. And that’s where you come in. Its possible, that you are operating in the business segment where video usage is not widespread. With the right approach, you can use video marketing to dominate your niche.